Our Chairman took a film crew from the predominant Chinese state television broadcaster into a typical British city centre to talk about the how the British love their red letter boxes. “There’s a massive campaign quite often if there’s any suggestion of removing a letter box…” Watch the broadcast… Read More


We provided the BBC’s flagship magazine programme (average daily viewers: 5 million) with a package of research, pictures, information and background material for a piece about the trials and tribulations of the first Queen Elizabeth II letter boxes in Scotland.… Read More

Royal Mail

“The Letter Box Study Group has for many years recorded details of British and overseas letter boxes and publishes a very well produced Newsletter as well as other publications and postcards. The current winter newsletter reflects the vitality of this Group…” Click here for the full article.… Read More

“Yet it is still something of a mystery. Now, to mark the anniversary – and in pursuit of its mission to map and measure Britain’s red breasted beauties – The Letter Box Study Group (for it is they) wants to gather stats and stories about the Liverpool Specials: the wheres, whens, whys and whos.” read more… Read More

The Star Online

“Though most of his correspondences with family, friends and acquaintances are now via electronic mail (e-mail) and short messaging system (SMS), his fondness for ‘snail-mail’ and old post boxes saw him joining a club called, The Letter Box Study Group based in Birmingham, UK. This group has a unique hobby of listing and photographing letter… Read More

Post boxes in focus

“‘It’s a great way to see the country, although sometimes I get funny looks if I’m on my hands and knees looking for the box’s manufacturing number.’ ‘I’m just going to keep going and see as many new ones as I can.’ Peter is a member of the Letter Box Study Group, an organisation that… Read More