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    In 1930 it was decided to erect special Air Mail post boxes to promote the recently introduced Air Mail service. These boxes were painted in a distinctive blue livery with a dark blue AIR MAIL sign attached to the cap. They had a double collection plate, displaying both the Air Mail rates and the times and days of air services. The scheme came to an end in 1938 and the boxes were removed, repainted red, and put back into service elsewhere with new single collection plate holders.


    • Name: Type B Airmail Pillar Box
    • Manufacturer: Carron Company
    • Introduced: 1930
    • Construction: cast iron
    • Height: 64 inches
    • Width: 15¼ inches
    • LBSG type number: PB1027/5, PB1027/6
    • Total in LBSG records: 162


    Type B Air