The Group maintains the following files of data:

  1. Membership list

    This database is maintained by the Secretary for the management of members’ subscriptions. This includes members full name, address, membership number, telephone number and email address. Details are held as long as the person is a member and during the renewal grace period. Copies are provided to members of the Committee on request. The data set is also used to distribute our quarterly Newsletter.

  1. Ordering database

    This database is maintained by the Order Fulfilment Assistant for the purposes of administering the purchase of publications, Guide products and Directory products. This includes membership number, the date the order is received and dispatched, details of the payment method and money received, and full details of what has been ordered.


The Group believes its processing of personal data is covered by ‘legitimate means’ in the Regulation. We could not function properly nor achieve our legal obligations under our binding governing document, without holding the files of information detailed above.

The purpose of processing and the lawful basis for the processing is as detailed above. Neither file is released to any other member, or to any outside person or organisation unless required by law. Any request for an individual member’s personal details shall be referred to the member via the Secretary.

Membership details are held as long as the person is a member and during the renewal grace period. Restricted data is maintained of former members (name, date joined/left) so that we can analyse membership and re-assign membership numbers to people re-joining.

The Ordering Database information is kept indefinitely, as the Group reviews the items it sells to members from time to time to keep track of the popularity of such items

Members have a right to withdraw consent at any time to their personal data being maintained as above. However if members choose not to give their consent, it will not be possible for them to receive our Newsletter, subscribe to LIST or purchase items from LBSG.

Complaints on the use of personal data that are not able to be resolved by the Group’s Data Controller may be referred to the UK Information Commissioner.