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Members enjoy recording the state and status of these important heritage assets. Strolling and seeking unusual, undocumented, or picturesque boxes is a timeless pleasure. Members find their interest augmented as associations with the history of communications in an urbanisation, industrialisation and post-industrialisation emerge. There is an engineering, design and manufacturing context. There are architectural associations to be explored and, with the ciphers, connections with the British Royal family.

Many of British postboxes have done service for over a hundred years; but LBSG’s work is a living study. New boxes, sometimes of new designs, are being installed at new locations all the time. Recording and studying these is as much a part of the Group’s work as the boxes of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. We look forward as well as back.


The Group currently holds two meetings for members each year, one in the Spring and one in the Autumn which includes our AGM.  These are held at venues around the UK and recent locations have included Torquay, Farnham, Newcastle upon Tyne and Stoke on Trent.

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All members are invited to meetings, usually held three times a year. We hold one in the spring and another in the autumn which incorporates the group’s AGM. These are held at different locations around the country, and provide an excellent opportunity to socialise and exchange letter box expertise. There is normally a presentation on a letter box theme in the afternoon. In addition, we hold a virtual meeting each January. In particular, this gives those members living overseas or who cannot travel, an opportunity to take part. Partners are very welcome to join us at our meetings.

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Membership currently costs £32 a year.

Membership fee details, together with other introductory information about the LBSG can be obtained from The Secretary. The Letter Box Study Group, 7 Bow Close, NEWPORT, TF10 7GR, UK.

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Introduced in 1980, the Type K Pillar Box was designed by Tony Gibbs and reverted to the familiar cylindrical shape, following unsuccessful trials with rectangular shaped boxes. Its design was seen as ultra-modern at the time, and was intended to be the letter box of the future; in service a design flaw with the hinging of the door led to frequent and costly repairs, and after only twenty years in production a return to the traditional style of Pillar Box was made.


  • Name: Type K Pillar Box
  • Manufacturer: Lion, Carron, Carronade, Abbot and Machan
  • Introduced: 1980
  • Construction: cast iron
  • Height: 63 inches
  • Width: 19¼ inches
  • LBSG type number: PB1048, PB1048Sc
  • Total in LBSG records: 4,722