“Robert Cole, from the Letter Box Study Group, says: “There is also one in The British Postal Museum Store in Debden, Essex. Altogether that makes three accounted for, but we have no idea where the other four have gone. They could be still in Liverpool, maybe even in someone’s garden. It’s such a shame, because… Read More

“Yet it is still something of a mystery. Now, to mark the anniversary – and in pursuit of its mission to map and measure Britain’s red breasted beauties – The Letter Box Study Group (for it is they) wants to gather stats and stories about the Liverpool Specials: the wheres, whens, whys and whos.” read more… Read More

Postbox Composite

“The Letter Box Study Group (LBSG), which maps sites across the UK, is not just concerned with this postal oddity today, but with the fate of all the boxes. In 2002, Royal Mail undertook to repaint each of its letter boxes every three years. But, according to Andrew Young, chairman of the LBSG, many are… Read More

Liverpool’s very own letter box celebrates its 150th birthday in January 2013. As distinctive as it is unique, the only remaining still-working ‘Liverpool Special’ letter box stands in the city’s Albert Dock. Click here for the full article.… Read More

The Star Online

“Though most of his correspondences with family, friends and acquaintances are now via electronic mail (e-mail) and short messaging system (SMS), his fondness for ‘snail-mail’ and old post boxes saw him joining a club called, The Letter Box Study Group based in Birmingham, UK. This group has a unique hobby of listing and photographing letter… Read More

Post boxes in focus

“‘It’s a great way to see the country, although sometimes I get funny looks if I’m on my hands and knees looking for the box’s manufacturing number.’ ‘I’m just going to keep going and see as many new ones as I can.’ Peter is a member of the Letter Box Study Group, an organisation that… Read More

Peter's passion sees him travel from pillar to post

“When he finds a new post box, Mr Willis photographs the base to record the manufacturer’s name and logs a grid reference on a map. He is a member of the Letter Box Study Group – an organisation dedicated to cataloguing the UK’s post boxes.”read more… Read More

“AFTER years of working for the postal service, you’d think Peter Willis would never want to see a letter again. But instead, the retired postman spends his days photographing postboxes. In the past five years, the 67-year-old has snapped 2,500 iconic red boxes.”… Read More

Does this man have the oddest hobby in Britain?

“Over the past five years Mr Willis has photographed post boxes in Inverness, Dublin and across England. His snapshots include a range of unusual locations, including several boxes at the top of hills and even one inside a theatre … He is a member of the Letter Box Study Group – an organisation dedicated to… Read More